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Targeted at individual studies and study consortia, OBiBa software stack (Opal, Mica etc.) provides a software solution for epidemiological data management, analysis and publication. While Opal, the core data warehouse application, provides all the necessary tools to import, transform and describe data, Mica provides everything needed to build personalized web data portals and publish content of research activities of both studies and consortia and Agate, the OBiBa’s central authentication server, provides services for user profile management.

Onyx is a web-based application that manages participant baseline interviews at assessment centres or clinics. An interview in Onyx is represented as a set of interdependent stages that participants have to go through in order to complete their visit (consent form signature, health questionnaire, biosample collection, and so on). Onyx stores the data collected during the stages centrally and makes it available to all workstations.


Onyx documentation is in the process of being rewritten. See also the Onyx Documentation Archive

Partners and Funders

The development of this application was made possible thanks to the support of our partners and funders:

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