A system administrator has all the permissions of the other two user roles (data collector (page 4) and participant manager (page 4)), as well as a few additional permissions. This section covers those additional permissions. In particular, it covers:

  • Key concepts of interest to system administrators
  • Installation
  • Server configuration
  • Workstation configuration
  • Procedures (in the Onyx user interface) that can only be done by system administrators:
    • Adding an Onyx user (page 140)
    • Editing the profile of an Onyx user (page 140) (including password reset)
    • Activating and deactivating Onyx users (page 141)
    • Deleting an Onyx user (page 141)
    • Exporting data (page 142) (participant data, as well as data about instruments and experimental conditions)
    • Purging data (participant data only)